Combine GIFs Online for Free - No File Upload Required

Have you ever wanted to merge multiple GIF animations into one? Say goodbye to cumbersome uploading steps because we've got a quick, free solution for you!

Combine GIFs into one

Tool Features:

1. Online, Free, and Supports Multiple GIFs: Our tool allows you to combine multiple GIF animations into one without spending a dime. No worries about costs or limitations.

2. No File Uploads, Protects Your Privacy: Our merging tool ensures your privacy as it relies entirely on browser (JavaScript) technology. Your GIFs stay on your computer.

GIF Merger Online Free UI Viewer

3. Supports Drag-and-Drop to Rearrange GIF Play Order: Want to change the play order of your GIFs? No extra software needed, just a simple drag-and-drop does the trick.

4. Customize Merged GIF Size: You can freely adjust the size of the merged GIF to fit your needs. No longer confined to standard dimensions.

5. Choose to Stretch GIF to New Size or Automatically Adjust Position: You can decide whether you want the GIF to fill the new size or adjust its position to fit perfectly.

Simply click the link below to experience this powerful GIF merging tool: Combine GIFs Online for Free