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gif merger free online,combine gifs into one or merge gifs into one gif, order and size of merger gifs can be set

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    Merge multiple gifs into one gif, drag to adjust the order of Gif playback, and automatically adjust the size of the merged gif.

    How to Merge Multiple GIFs into One GIF Online?

    This tool merges multiple GIFs into a single GIF. ImagesTool's GIF Combiner allows customization of GIF size and enables adjusting the GIF playback order and layout of the merged GIFs.

    GIF Combiner

    A demonstration in the video shows how to combine four different-sized cat 🐱 GIFs into a GIF sized 320x260px, taking 4 seconds to complete.

    Example Images

    569.1KB / 212x200px, 66.3KB / 233x200px, 1.8MB / 166x200px, 7.3MB / 384x480px
    Image Source: GIPHY Clips


    The Best Way to Merge 2 GIFs into 1 GIF

    Drag in two GIFs, then click the "Start" button, and wait a few seconds to complete.


    How to Adjust GIF Order in GIF Combiner?

    Simply drag the icon while holding down the left mouse button to adjust the GIF playback order. Adjusting GIF playback order using ImagesTool GIF Combiner

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