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ImagesTool cropper can crop multiple GIFs in a few seconds without loss of GIF image quality, customize the proportion, width and height (px) of the cropping frame, and you can also rotate and flip the Gif.

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Gif crop
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Gif crop

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Gif crop


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How to batch crop Gifs online?

ImagesTool Cropper is a simple and easy-to-use free online Gif cropping tool that is very fast and does not lose the quality of the Gif at all. It only takes a few seconds to crop the Gif image file into a new Gif image file.

What's even better is that if the GIfs you import have the same dimensions, you can use the synchronized cropping feature. When importing GIFs of the same size, the "Start sync crop" button will appear below the "Start" button. After setting the cropping area of ​​the first Gif, you do not need to set it separately for each subsequent Gif. Click the "Start sync crop" button to complete the cropping of all Gifs at the same position. Double the efficiency!

GIF cropper demo

imagesTool GIF Cropper is designed to help you quickly complete the cropping of GIF image files, and the cropping maintains the original image quality.

The following video demonstrates the complete workflow of GIF cropping using the ImagesTool Gif Cropper. It takes 2 seconds to crop 2 Gifs.

Image source: (Use Video to GIF and edit the video and then convert to GIF to create original high-definition GIF,)

Video Source: reddit cat

Data results

Gif picture name GIF before cropping Cropped GIF
cat climbing tree.gif 272x480px / 13.7MB 200x200 / 8.1MB / -57%
hesitant cat 230x408px / 18.8MB 160x480 (2:6) / 8.4MB / -39%

After cropping the Gif, you can also use GIF Compressor to batch compress the GIf.

GIF batch cropper with truly lossless image quality

By comparing the two Gif examples in the video just now, we can find that the image quality of GIf before and after cropping remains completely unchanged.

Lossless GIf batch cropper - GIF after and before cropping, no loss of image quality

Why can't I find the "Start sync crop" button after importing multiple GIFs?

You need to import Gifs of the same size before the "Start synchronous cropping" button will appear, because true synchronous cropping cannot be achieved if the sizes of GIfs are different.

But you can still set separate cropping settings for each Gif. If you need to crop Gifs of different sizes to the same size, as shown in the figure below, you can set the specific cropping box width and height, and then click "Apply to All" Image" button. This way you can set the same cropping area size for all gifs

After setting the cropping width and height, apply it to all gifs to set the same cropping area size for all gifs

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