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Batch compress GIFs, supports the selection of compression strength from 1-100, and can also modify the output size and number of colors of GIf. The compressed GIF file size is reduced by 30-80%.

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Gif Compression effect

Gif Compression effect
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Gif Compression effect
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    Gif compression

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    How to Compress GIFs Online in Batches?

    This online GIF compressor uses advanced GIF compression algorithms, eliminating the need to upload GIF files, and compresses GIF directly in the browser, offering fast compression and high efficiency.

    Demonstration of GIF Compressor

    The imagesTool GIF Compressor aims to reduce the size of GIF image files while maintaining image quality. You can import or drag and drop GIF files into the tool for compression with simple operations, supporting batch processing.

    Next, the complete workflow of converting from video files to GIF and then compressing the GIF will be demonstrated. Of course, you can also skip the first step of video to GIF conversion and directly compress the GIF.

    Step 1: Use Video to GIF or Edit Video and Convert to GIF to create original high-definition GIFs, which are often large and show significant compression effects.

    Video Source: twitter cat

    Step 2: Compress the converted GIF.

    The video demonstrates how to compress 2 GIFs using the "Lossless" method. Compression takes 2 seconds.

    Data Results

    Image Name MP4 MP4 to GIF Compressed GIF
    Fj2Oo... 200x208px / 42.5KB / 00:05 200x208px / 2.6MB 200x208px / 1.8MB / -32%
    Dancing Cat 720x1280px / 1.0MB / 00:10 585x912px / 4.4MB 585x912 / 1.9MB / -56%

    Comparison of GIF Compressor at Different Compression Strength s

    When using "Custom" compression, the higher the compression strength, the more obvious the compression effect. From the comparison images below, it can be observed that higher compression strength results in more noise. In general, it is recommended to set it below 60.

    Compression Strength of Custom Compressor

    What is the Principle of GIF Compressor?

    The imagesTool GIF compressor is based on the "gifsicle" optimization compression algorithm. It achieves compression by reducing differences between adjacent frames in the image, deleting duplicate pixels, and removing unnecessary image metadata. Additionally, you can adjust image size (optional) to further reduce file size. Through these techniques, the GIF compressor effectively reduces GIF file size while maintaining image quality.


    Why Does the Compressed GIF Have Noise?

    This is caused by the compression algorithm. Although it cannot be avoided, there is no need to worry, as in most cases, you won't notice the noise.

    However, in the case of setting a very high compression strength, the GIF image will have obvious noise. After testing by ImagesTool, we recommend using "Lossless" or setting the compression strength to below 60 to avoid noticeable noise.

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