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    Compress image to specified size

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    Why is there a requirement to "Compress images to specified file size"?

    At the beginning of last year, a friend of mine (the developer of asked me for help. She said that when she submitted an electronic passport application on the website, she saw one of the portrait photo specifications that required the image file to be The size limit is between 30Kb and 80Kb.

    This is really confusing. Conventional image compression tools cannot be so precise within this range, so I spent some time making this tool. It can very well control the size of jpg image files within the set upper limit. .

    For example, for the electronic passport requirement I just mentioned, you only need to set "no more than" to 80. The compressed result will be very close to 80Kb and will never exceed 80Kb.

    Same old rules, free to use and can be compressed in batches. This tool runs locally in the browser to protect privacy and security. It
    supports imported file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, webp, avif, ico, bmp, svg and
    supports export. File types: jpg, webp

    More examples


    If you need to adjust the image width and height at the same time, you can use Resize Image , but I recommend using a more professional tool (such as Photoshop) to adjust the portrait image size, because many websites (usually government agency websites) have strict photo specifications. Regarding the position of the avatar in the photo, you need to adjust the image more carefully to meet the requirements of the website.

    After you adjust it, export the highest quality jpg image, and then return to this page to compress it to the specified file size. I wish you all the best!

    Compress jpg to a fixed file size in 10 seconds

    Why does the page prompt that compression processing failed? (Something went wrong!)

    😊 Please don’t worry, there is only a 5% chance that this error will occur and it can be corrected.

    It's probably because the size of the image you imported is too different from the value set to "not exceed".

    For example, after importing a 3000x4000 jpg, set "not exceed" to 50Kb. This is impossible in most cases. Setting it to 100Kb may also cause compression errors.

    A reasonable value is somewhere between 500kb and 2000kb.

    There is another way to help you correct this error, which is to resize the size. In the above example, after importing a 3000x4000 jpg, set it to no more than 50, and at the same time set the width of the exported image to 500px by setting "Change Width". This setting is more reasonable.

    Test Data

    The following is my real test data for your reference

    Set "Not exceed" to 50 Kb, adjust the width to 500px (optional), and take 3 seconds in total.

    Picture name before compression After compressing to the specified file size and adjusting the width
    iPhone 13 photo IMG_193.HEIC HEIC to JPG 3024x4032 / 4.5MB 500x667 / 48.4KB
    Photo by Juli Kosolapova on Unsplash.jpg 2848x4288 / 956.0KB 500x753 / 48.7KB
    earth_vir_2016_lrg.jpg 13500x6750 / 8.1MB 500x250 / 38.8KB
    Antelope Canyon.jpg 5120x2880 / 10.5MB 500x281 / 49.5KB
    Moon photo.jpg 10992x11912 / 14.5MB 500x542 / 45.4KB
    Li_Sixun_boats.jpg 1792x3271 / 2.4MB 500x913 / 46.0KB



    Does it support batch compression of images of specified file sizes?

    Supported. I need to remind you that when batch compressing to a fixed file size, the size difference of the imported pictures should not be too large. For example, a batch of 2000x3000px and 1500x2200px pictures is no problem, but if the imported sizes are large and small, For example, a batch of images such as 2000x2000px and 100x200px are not suitable for compression together. Try to select images of similar sizes for batch compression to the specified file size.
    Unless you also set the image size adjustment, for example, a batch of images of 2000x2000px and 100x200px are adjusted to have a width of 100px. In this case, there is no problem.


    Can you ensure that the compressed image quality remains as high as possible?

    Yes, this tool will ensure that when compressing the image size, it will not exceed the set "not exceed" value, which means that the image quality can be maintained as high as possible within the specified file size. For example, when "not exceeding" is set to 100Kb, the compression may be 99Kb or 92Kb. The specific image file size is automatically completed by the ImagesTool compression tool.

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