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Why is ImagesTool the best choice for converting and compressing images online?

Batch processing of images is our strength

ImagesTool has a variety of online tools for batch processing of images to meet your needs of converting, compressing, and cropping images.

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Does ImagesTool have a limit on the number of files?

There is no file limit, it depends on your computer performance, we recommend processing up to 300 pictures at a time, each picture within 20Mb. psd, tiff and psd are recommended to be within 100Mb. The video is recommended to be within 1000Mb.


Does ImagesTool support importing folders? Can the folder structure be restored?

Yes, you can click the "Import Folder" button, or drag the folder onto this page. When prompted, drag the folder to the "Drag Folder Here" area below.
When the processing is completed, the original folder structure will be maintained in the exported zip.


Do I need to set the parameters repeatedly every time?

There is no need to repeat settings. Every time you modify the parameters, they will be saved in the browser. When you open it next time, ImagesTool will read the last set parameters.


Can I use ImagesTool on my phone or tablet?

Most of the time it is possible, we make a responsive design for the web page. If you need to process a large number of images, we recommend using it on a computer (PC), and giving priority to the Chrome browser or the Chromium core browser.

If you are currently using the Chrome browser, you can right-click in a blank space and click "Generate QR code for this page", and then scan the QR code with your mobile phone to access the mobile version of

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